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WeirdFish Presents:

In One Scroll

Y'all put your scuba dive on and get ready for our underwater WeirdFish experience.

Every great journey begins in one small step. ours begins in figuring out what exactly is the story line. Well now, after we are all wet behind the ears, let’s meet up and build your story together.

In this submarine, you can find a few of our home-produced projects. Some of them are already a bit eaten by rust, but the good ones preserve forever.

  • From the depth of the ocean we collected the best crue known to men, to provide you with the best creative in 4 seas. check them out.

Amit Carp

Multi Tasker

Odeya Geulayov

Lady of the house

Roee Finzi

Creative Manager

Ronen “Mekikas” Amar

Video Master

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